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Our Summer Supper Club Series is a curated family dining experience across 10  ticketed dinners. Each unique dinner will be paired with some of Mexico's most well known libations & some of our local favorites. Dine with the winemakers, talk with friends  & enjoy the company of complete strangers. 

Slow Food  * Heavy Pours * Good Conversation 

May 28



This weeks dinner focuses on tlyaudas.

 Hailing from Oaxaca’s central valley,

the tlayuda is an iconic street food

staple.   We will explore all the

tlayudas incarnations, the only

constant being the main ingredient,

that is an oversized, somewhat crispy,

all corn-tortilla.  Our beverage program

this week features our personal favorite agave spirit Mezcal.  La Tierra de Acre Mezcal & their four-award winning mezcals aim to showcase the versatility and the beauty of the agave plant.  Mezcaleros will guide our tasting sharing the creator’s heritage, process & land from which they come.  


This week is all about Street Food.

 Diverse, complex & impossibly

satisfying Mexican street food has

built itself a global fan base for good

reason.  Join us in enjoying the

enchanting world of Mexican street

food as we dive into its rich history,

popular dishes & culinary artistry.

El Cristiano tequila is one of the most awarded tequilas on the market.  Known for its “pure” tequila, El Crisitano proudly produces additive free tequila 100% harvested from mature blue weber agave.  conceived by a small group of friends with a passion for tequila & Mexico it seems the perfect fit for our second supper club dinner. 

June 4

street food & tequila

June 18


          pan y queso
          naturaL wine

While it may not be the first thing 

that comes to mind, Bread & Cheese

are historic staples of Mexican cuisine.

 From bolillo to pan dulce & queso

fresco to panela, we will explore

everything Mexican cheese & bread has to offer. There’s wine in the back of Knuckleheads. That’s the phrase they haven’t stopped hearing since they converted a disused storage area into the natural wine shop of their dreams in November 2023. They serve fresh, fruity, floral, funky, skin-fermented, & just generally f’ing great wines by the glass, flight, or bottle, to stay or to go. Sustainably farmed, organic wines they love, from along the West Coast, throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia & the Americas.   We are really looking forward to having the local legends Knuckleheads & Their Natual wine program "Wine in the back" in house.  


You knew it was coming… Tacos. 

 Is there really anything else to say? 

 One of our more casual dinners in

the series, guest will enjoy getting

to know each other with local

music & vibrant vibe.  Considering this weeks culinary focus &  with the fourth of July just around the corner, beer seemed liked the most suitable pairing for this dinner.  Local brewery Oceanbrook will be in house pouring cold ones with hops grown locally on their Oceanside farm.  Part owner & master brewer Frank Harwood will be in house & is always happy to bend your ear about His natural brewing process.


May 21


casa jipi winemakers dinner


Our first winemakers dinner in the

series will be curated around the

bright & beautiful wines coming out

of Casa Jipi produced in the Valle de

Guadalupe.  Using local summer

produce this collaboration between

chef and winemaker will be a very

special dinner that wine lovers will not want to miss. Meet Lulu Martinez, the winemaker behind Casa Jipi.  Her traditional training and love of experimentation have resulted in authentic and sophisticated wines that highlight the unique character of the region.  Lulu herself will be in house to share her inspiration &  insights on each pairing & her winemaking process.  

July 17

July 30

Ecology Center & mezcal


Our Summer Harvest dinner will

highlight our favorite local farm, the

Ecology Center.  Taking inspiration

from their summer crops & Gema'S

seasonal heart each course will be

curated around fresh, local,

sustainable food. A sustainable

mezcal producer that gives back, Bozal Mezcal with their ideology & culture is a perfect pairing for this dinner.  Bozal uses an artisanal approach towards production in order to create an unadulterated style of mezcal.  Bozal meaning “wild or untamed” is a reference to the wild species of Mexican agave harvested by the family-operated distilleries.  

august 6

seafood & tequila


Tonight is all about Marsicos.  While

mariscos may not be the most famous

of Mexican dishes, many would

argue that they are some of the best.  

With diverse iterations from whole

fish, to cocteles & aguachiles they are as

varied and delicious as one can find.

Mexican marisocs may be the most

verstatile class of all of Mexico’s dishes.  Tequila is the name of the game this week as we dive into agave harvesting, distillation and timing. From blancos to extra añjeos this dinner will have something for both novice & sophisticated tequila lovers. 


Mole & mezcal

Mole is a masterpiece of Mexican

cooking that traces its roots back to

pre-Columbian times. It’s a testament

to the fusion of indigenous

traditions and Spanish influence,

creating a complex and unforgettable

taste that has become a culinary icon.

 Mole is more than just a dish; it’s a symbol of celebration. It graces the tables of festivals, weddings & other momentous occasions in Mexican culture.  Produced purely by hand using traditional, non-industrial practices, Origen Raiz Mezcal is made using 100% wild agave Cenizo. It was a project born of the roots of two familial traditions in different parts of Mexico: Oaxaca in the south & Durango in the north.  This mezcal will be the perfect pairing with Gema's moles. 

September 3

august 20


vena cava winemakers   dinner

Our second winemakers dinner in the

series will be curated around the

bright & beautiful wines coming out

of Vena Cava produced in the Valle de

Guadalupe.  Using local summer produce

this collaboration between chef & winemaker will be a very special dinner that wine lovers will not want to miss. Meet Phil Gregory, the winemaker behind Vena Cava.  Vena Cava is the main vein to the heart & that is what his winery is.  Focused on creating high-quality wines from the best grapes in the valley, Gregory brings to life the essence of Baja in his wines.  The vineyard is farmed organically & Gregory is always experimenting with different styles of wine.  We are honored that Phil will be in house to guide our dinner & share his passion for wine making.   



summer supper club best of feast

Feast: an elaborate and usually

abundant meal often accompanied by

a ceremony or entertainment.  


We thought iT only fitIng to end this

series with a proper feast, highlighting

all of our favorite dishes from the summer series.  Join us as we

say farewell to summer by Highlighting our favorite dishes and libations from across the series.  come hungry, eat, drink, be merry.  

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