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                                COMING SOON.. LA LIBRERIA del MEZCAL  (the one and only Speak-loud!)


La Libreria del Mezcal offers a breath of fresh air for those sick and tired of the same old lackluster oc bar scene.  If you are looking for an experience with liberated food and cocktail options with dynamic menus that push beyond the everyday, you are in the right place. 


La Libreria is the first and only “speak-loud”, providing an intimate warm bar scene with quality food and drink, where you are encouraged to enjoy yourself and forget the fussy rules.


Focusing mainly on agave sprits we boast over 150 bottles of small batch mezcal and tequilas served in a variety of ways from seasonal cocktails to flights with traditional pairings of grasshoppers and sal de gusano.  If you're keen on Mezcal and its complex and exhilarating flavors, then you will feel right at home.  If you are new to mezcal, our master bartenders can seamlessly guide you through your first mezcal experience.


 If you're looking for truffle fries, greasy tacos and a menu as big as the bible this is not the place for you.  Our small bites menu carries the heart of our mother restaurant “Gema” serving traditional and contemporary Mexican food.  Don’t listen to the people telling you this is fusion, believe it or not Mexico has fresh, seasonal scratch-made food. 


Our menu is 100% Mexico derived both in ingredients and heart. Everything on our plates has its place, we won’t make substitutions so complain to your mommy before you arrive.


La Libreria moves away from stereotypical Mexican tchotchkes and overwhelming bright colors and highlights the beautiful and contemporary threads of Mexican culture and architecture.  


Take a chance, you won’t regret and it just might change the way you think about food and drink.


 Liberate yourself and remember to always “speak loud”.

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